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Day 8 of our 40 Day prayer journey

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Day 8


Praise God today for those individuals and families who are willing to follow God into the places of our world that seem challenging and even scary. Ask God to give them an extra measure of grace as they strike out first, even when others are afraid to follow. Ask God to use them in powerful ways to reach people no one has yet tried to reach. And pray for courage for yourself and for other Christ followers you know to step into these dark places for the sake of the Gospel.

Ask God to Increase the number of laborers going into the harvest field (Matthew 9:35-38) and to multiply the harvest of their hands 30, 60 & 100 fold! (Matthew 13:23)

Pray that God would quiet the negative and discouraging voices which are slowing the work of God in our midst.

Numbers 13

vs. 1-3. “The Lord spoke to Moses: “Send men to scout out the land of Canaan I am giving to the Israelites. Send one man who is a leader among them from each of their ancestral tribes.” Moses sent them from the Wilderness of Paran at the Lord’s command. All the men were leaders in Israel.”

Vs. 17-20

“When Moses sent them to scout out the land of Canaan, he told them, “Go up this way to the Negev, then go up into the hill country. See what the land is like, and whether the people who live there are strong or weak, few or many. Is the land they live in good or bad? Are the cities they live in encampments or fortifications? Is the land fertile or unproductive? Are there trees in it or not? Be courageous. Bring back some fruit from the land.” It was the season for the first ripe grapes.”

Vs. 25-29

“At the end of 40 days they returned from scouting out the land.

The men went back to Moses, Aaron, and the entire Israelite community in the Wilderness of Paran at Kadesh. They brought back a report for them and the whole community, and they showed them the fruit of the land. They reported to Moses: “We went into the land where you sent us. Indeed it is flowing with milk and honey, and here is some of its fruit. However, the people living in the land are strong, and the cities are large and fortified. We also saw the descendants of Anak there. The Amalekites are living in the land of the Negev; the Hittites, Jebusites, and Amorites live in the hill country; and the Canaanites live by the sea and along the Jordan.”

Vs. 30-33

“Then Caleb quieted the people in the presence of Moses and said, “We must go up and take possession of the land because we can certainly conquer it!”

But the men who had gone up with him responded, “We can’t go up against the people because they are stronger than we are!” So they gave a negative report to the Israelites about the land they had scouted: “The land we passed through to explore is one that devours its inhabitants, and all the people we saw in it are men of great size. We even saw the Nephilim there — the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim!

To ourselves we seemed like grasshoppers, and we must have seemed the same to them.”

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